#Note/Hub #Habit/Formation In the pursuit of personal growth and well-being, not all habits require [[Personal Habit Tracker - My Engine for Personal Growth and Productivity|rigorous tracking]] or dedicated metric dashboards. Some habits, which I like to call "micro habits," are subtle yet powerful practices that can significantly enhance our daily lives. These are small, easily integrated actions that, over time, yield substantial benefits. Here, I explore a few micro habits that have made a meaningful difference in my routine. >[!quote] >ninety-nine hundredths or, possibly, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousandths of our activity is purely automatic and habitual, from our rising in the morning to our lying down each night. >\-- William James (1899) ## Habit of Adopting New Habits ![[Visualization and Habit Formation]] ## Nasal Breathing ![[The Daily Habit of Nasal Breathing]] ## Viewing Sunlight ![[The Daily Habit of Viewing Sunlight in the Morning]] ## Reading Hacker News ![[The Daily Habit of Reading Hacker News]] ## Staying Hydrated ![[The Essential Habit of Staying Hydrated]] ## No Smart Devices in Bedroom ![[No Pillow for You]]